Why Invest in a Medical Alert Device

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The idea that medical alert systems with emergency buttons are only for older adults or those who struggle with physical impairment is a misconception. The reality is that personal emergency response systems (PERS) can benefit anyone who wants peace of mind knowing that an emergency response team is just one button push away.

Purchasing a medical alert device demonstrates your readiness to employ the latest technologies to care for yourself and your loved ones. Let's explore why you should invest in a medical alert system.

Help You Stay Independent

More and more older adults are looking at their retirement years as an opportunity. Instead of slowing down, they're ramping up their lifestyle and activities and making time for the things they didn’t have time to do when working or caring for a family. One of the top reasons to invest in a medical alert device is for that extra layer of security for those active and adventurous times.

Active adults invest in technology like a medical alert watch or another mobile device for added protection no matter where adventures take them. Whether traveling to visit family or hitting the mall, you know a push of the button will connect you with a highly trained life safety consultant ready to help in any emergency. If you enjoy hiking, cycling, and other outdoor pursuits, medical alerts with fall protection ensure that help will be there if an accident occurs.

Plus, many devices come with GPS location tracking so emergency services can find you anywhere.

Protection If You Have a Health Condition

Feeling a little off can cause anxiety if you have a health condition, often keeping you indoors. Sometimes, there's no way to tell whether your symptoms indicate a minor pain or a serious problem. Enjoy peace of mind from knowing that an entire medical response team is on call whenever you need it.

With a medical alert system, you never have to worry if you'll make it to the phone on time or place a call to a loved one who is unavailable. Medical alert devices ensure that help is literally at your fingertips.

Empower yourself to live your life to the fullest regardless of your health condition. A home-based or mobile medical alert system can save your life with prompt, effective responses to medical emergencies. Whether you're an older adult or have been diagnosed with an illness that makes you prone to falls like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or seizures, these systems can also serve as fall protection devices, sending help even when you're unable to push the button.

Security When You Live Alone

Many older adults today are choosing to age in place. This phrase means forgoing assisted living facilities to remain in your home surrounded by your belongings and the memories you've built over the years. While living alone has many perks, it can also be risky if something should happen. Medical emergencies, accidents, break-ins — if a crisis happens, you're on your own to manage these problems.

A medical alert device allows you to enjoy the freedoms of living alone without fear. Whether you take a tumble in the shower or hear strange noises outside, no reason is too small to press your help button. A medical alert system can save your life if your home or personal safety is threatened.

Your PERS is also a convenient way to reach out to a loved one, friend, or neighbor if you require a helping hand. Perhaps you can't rise from the toilet, or you've taken a wrong turn and lost your way. A simple button push can connect you with someone in your care circle.

Removing the fear and anxiety from living alone will allow you to live each day happier and healthier in your home.

Reassurance If You Don't Want to Worry Your Family

Living independently can free you up to live life on your terms. Unfortunately, your freedom may come at a cost, with your family worrying about your well-being. Whether you have a health condition or are simply getting older and a bit shakier on your feet, your family undoubtedly worries about you. Phones are an excellent way to stay connected, but some emergencies — such as falls — can leave you unable to reach a phone.

Owning a medical alert system is an excellent way to bring relief to your worried loved ones. They want to be with you in emergencies but can't watch over you constantly — nor do you want them to. When your family knows you wear a help button, they can rest assured that you have the assistance you need no matter what situations arise.

Plus, mobile medical alert systems often come with GPS. If you give your family access to your care portal, they can see your location. That means no panicked calls and impromptu visits if they can't reach you. Your family will have peace in knowing you're doing just fine.

Support If You Have Fallen or Worry About Falling

Your risk of falling and injuring yourself increases dramatically as you age. If you've already experienced a fall, you know how scary it can be, especially if no one is around to help. Sadly, once you experience a severe fall, you may be more likely to fall again.

Fall detection is an optional feature available in many medical alert devices. Specialized sensors in medical alert pendants and watches can sense if you fall and connect you with your monitoring center, even if you don't push the button. These components use motion and positioning data to identify movements that match a fall. If you slip out of a chair or experience another issue, you can manually push the help button.

A highly trained life safety consultant then assesses your situation and ensures you get the right kind of help, whether you need assistance from medical personnel, a loved one, or a neighbor.

A medical alert device with fall detection features is the best way to provide peace of mind for anyone who has experienced a fall and is worried about falling again.

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