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Our Award-Winning Medical Emergency Alert System

Get Immediate Help in 3 Easy Steps


Press Your Medical Alert Help Button

All of Assured Independece's devices have clear, easily pressed buttons to connect with our medical monitoring center in seconds.

Fast, Reliable Response

Our state-of-the-art technology lets you connect with a highly trained emergency operator instantly.

Clear Reception Everywhere

With Nationwide AT&T or Verizon cellular service included, you are covered all over the map.

Comfortable and Durable Devices

Our lightweight, waterproof wearable devices powered by the longest lasting batteries available mean you live with confidence.

Usable No Matter Where You Are

Our in-home systems have the largest signal range on the market, offering almost four football fields of protection.


Connect with Our Emergency Monitoring Center to Confirm Your Situation

24/7 Protection is Standing By


Receive Immediate Assistance

Help is on the Way

Comparing Our Emergency Medical Alert Systems

In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Our award-winning in-home medical alert systems use the most advanced technology available to provide 24/7 protection, whether you have a landline or cellular network. No matter which system you choose, all devices have a backup battery.

In-Home Systems

On-the-Go Medical Alert Systems

Our state-of-the-art mobile systems are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle – allowing you to enjoy your life without limits. Lightweight and discreet, they also feature automatic GPS and WiFi tracking to ensure help arrives at your location.

On-the-Go Systems

Accessories Add to Your Comfort and Safety

Unsure How Emergency Response Systems Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide you with information about our emergency alert systems, medical alert jewelry, and mobile medical alert devices so that you can make the most informed decision for you and your family.

Assured Independence medical alert systems are not meant to replace 9-1-1. But, they do make connecting to emergency help simple and uncomplicated. In a true emergency, you may not have access to a phone or be able to clearly provide information to emergency responders.

Assured Independence keeps your information on file and can quickly dispatch emergency services to your exact location. We're able to relay important information – like medications, your preferred hospital, or conditions that may interact negatively with EMT treatments – to emergency responders.

But Assured Independence is more than just a dispatch service. Our medical alert systems monitor you or your loved ones with wireless connectivity, GPS tracking, and fall detection. In addition, we know that not every situation is an emergency, and sometimes you just need to speak with someone or connect quickly to your family or friends. Our non-emergency services provide you with that assistance 24/7.

A cell phone does not replace the need for a medical alert device. You or a loved one may not have access to a cell phone at all times, cell phone batteries can die, and cell phones can lose calls or reception depending on your location.

Even simply dialing 9-1-1 in an emergency can be difficult because it may require putting in a passcode or getting facial recognition to work. In a real emergency, those precious seconds matter.

We make connecting to our emergency monitoring center as easy as pressing a button on your wearable medical alert device. This button quickly connects to our monitoring center and works even if your cell phone doesn't have reception or battery life.

You can use Assured Independence's non-Emergency dispatch services at any time. Simply press the button on your medical alert device and connect with our 24/7 monitoring center.

This is helpful if you or a loved one is not feeling well, gets stuck and need assistance, have flare ups of a medical condition, or if something is making you uneasy and you need someone to talk to.

Our trained call operators can quickly alert the family members, neighbors, or friends in your Care Circle so that you can quickly get the assistance you need in any situation.

Enjoy protection and peace of mind for the whole family with our spousal monitoring program. When you purchase a second pendant using the Classic Guardian or Home Guardian, we'll monitor it for free!

Our medical alert system protection plan guarantees that you will never have to pay any out of pocket expenses for a lost, stolen, or damaged device.

Unlike other providers, Assured Independence does not charge any cancellation fees, and we provide full prorated refunds for months of unused service.

Assured Independence is 100% U.S.-based. When a company's monitoring services are outsourced overseas, you're much more likely to encounter language barriers. This can make it difficult to receive a quick response when you use your medical alert system to call for help. That's why our monitoring center is located within the United States, so you never have to worry about being unable to understand our operators.

Even if you speak a language other than English or Spanish, our emergency operators will still be able to communicate with you using a translation service.

A medical alarm, also known as medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems, are devices that signal a monitoring center in critical emergency situations to summon help from professional emergency medical personnel. They can also alert emergency contacts such as family members, neighbors, and caregivers. When a Assured Independence device is activated, typically by pressing a button, the user will be connected with a 100% U.S. based, Five-Diamond Certified monitoring center, who will assess the situation to secure help in case of an emergency.

A medical alert system provides loved ones with the peace of mind to live life confidently, especially in the face of emergencies. They allow you to have quick 24/7 access to medical monitoring services who can provide the best course of help. They can also be used in non-medical situations, such as gas leaks, fires, and robbery, when pressing a button is quicker than locating a phone to dial 9-1-1.

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