Assured Independence has a passion for helping others, removing barriers, and improving outcomes. As founders, we were inspired by our own personal experiences and the struggles of our aging parents and family members. Whether nearby or at a distance, finding ways to help keep them independent, safe, and connected through technology became our passion. Over the last decade we have seen our vision transformed into a dedicated and caring team serving elderly and at-risk populations across the country. Key cornerstones of our approach include:

Simple Technology Focus: Our “easy to use” solutions are based on technologies which allow elderly and at-risk populations to live independently and safely. Help is a button press away, and our solutions support and expand to whole home and mobile service as well as medication reminding and adherence, allowing for better engagement, safety, and cost savings

Elderly and At-Risk Population Focus: Assured Independence’s services and support are tailored to meet the unique needs of elderly and other at-risk individuals such as those with chronic disease, compromised immunes systems, mental and developmental health challenges and more. This also includes group settings such as Senior Living, Assisted Living, and rehabilitation.

Safety and Well-being: Promoting the safety and wellbeing of our clients is paramount. Through remote solutions, we help enable individuals to age, heal and thrive in the comfort of their own home. Knowing there is a safety net brings peace of mind to individuals and families.

Compassionate Approach: Assured Independence, LLC was founded with the genuine goal of making a positive difference in the lives of the clients we serve. The founders and staff are compassionate individuals who put patience, understanding, and empathy first with the clients we serve. We take time to listen and understand you and your loved one’s concerns while addressing unique needs.

We are honored to support our clients and earn their trust, and we look forward to serving you.

Assured Independence Policies and Information

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