Classic Guardian – Initial Setup and Installation

  1. Installing the Classic Guardian using a landline:

    ​​​​​​​Find the main home phone (wall jack).

    1. ​​​​​​​It is recommend placing the base station close to the main landline telephone wall jack in your home using the provided six (6) foot phone cord.

    Identify the telephone ports.

    1. Locate the telephone port on the Classic Guardian and the landline phone.
    2. The port on the device is labeled “Line-In
    3. The port is usually labeled “Line” or “Tel” on the phone.

    Identify the telephone ports.

    Connect the Classic Guardian.

    1. Remove the phone line from the home telephone. (The other end of the phone line should remain connected to the telephone port in the wall.)
    2. Plug the line you just removed into “Line In” on the back of the Classic Guardian. 


    Connect the landline phone:

    1. Plug the phone line we provided into the “To Phone” on the back of the Classic Guardian.
    2. Plug the other end of the phone line we provided into the home phone. 

    Connect the landline phone

    The AC power adaptor and the backup battery should already be installed. 

    1. If the power cord is not already connected to the Classic Guardian, plug it into the bottom of the device. (The back cover will need to be removed)

    Turn on the Classic Guardian by using the switch on the bottom of the device. 

    1. If the Classic Guardian is installed correctly, the green power light and connection light will be steady green. 
    2. This may take a few seconds.