Home 2.0 – Parts Identification and Light Indicators

 Parts Identification and Light Indicators
  1. Berry backlight
  2. Help Button
  3. Info button
  4. Microphone
  5. Speaker
  6. Red Power Button
  7. AC Power Connector
  8. Micro SIM Card Slot
  9. Phone Jack
  10. Berry Volume Button
  11. White Pairing Button

info Button

Solid Green – The device is plugged into a power source
Blinking Green – The device is running on the backup battery
Blinking Red – The backup battery is getting low
Blinking Amber – The device is working to find cellular connectivity.

Power Button

The red power button is located on the back of the device.

Help Button

The Help Button will be dimly lit berry when the device is powered on
Upon button press, the help button ring lights up bright until the cancellation window has passed

Once the connection starts to the monitoring center, the help button ring light stays solid bight berry until the call is over.