Light Indicators

The MG Mini and the MG Mini’s charging cradle display lights to indicate battery and charging status.  Click the links below for explanations of the light indicators.

MG Mini - In the charging cradle

Flashing red LED light every 30 seconds:

  • Battery is charging

  • Battery is less than 20%

Flashing green LED light:

  • Battery is charging

  • Battery is between 21% - 99%

Solid green LED light:

  • Fully charged

  • Battery is at 100% and can be removed from charging cradle


MG Mini - Out of the charging cradle

Flashing green LED light every 2 minutes:

  • Normal behavior 

  • Above 20% battery life

Flashing red LED light every 30 seconds:

  • Low battery – less than 20% battery

Solid red LED light: 

  • Critically low battery – Charge immediately!

Flashing amber LED light every 1 minute: 

  • Issue with the network connection

Red,  Green,  Amber  LED lights illuminated 

  • Over the air update 


MG Mini - charging cradle

Solid green LED light:

  • The charging cradle will display a green LED light when connected to a power supply