Mobile 2.0 – FAQs

How do I power on and power off my device?

To power on the Mobile 2.0:

  1. Place the unit in the charger which will initiate the power-on sequence.
  2. The device will state “Device Ready” when it has made a successful network connection.

To power off the Mobile 2.0:

  1. Press and hold the Info Button, “Release for Device Info: or Continue to Hold for Next Option”
  2. Continue to hold info button, “Release for Testing Device or Continue to Hold for Next Option“
  3. Continue to hold info button, “Release for Device Pairing or Continue to Hold for Next Option”
  4. Continue to hold info button until the device says “Release to Power off Device.”
  5. If the user lets go the device will state, “Powering off“


Can The volume be raised or lowered?

No, the volume is preset by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted.


Can I move this device to a new location?

Yes, this device can be moved to a new location anywhere in the United States where there is a AT&T 4G cell network available. The new address will need to be provided (temporary or permanent) by calling the Customer Care department or by logging into the MyGuardian Customer Portal. The device should be tested at the new address to ensure it is working properly.


Does this device have GPS capabilities?

Yes, this device has GPS capabilities nationwide where there is an AT&T 4G network available. In the event of a button press and EMS is dispatched, the GPS location will be provided.


How long can the device be kept in the charging cradle?

We recommend taking the device out of the cradle at least once every 24 hours. This is a mobile device and is intended to be carried around.


Is the mobile device water-resistant?

The portable device is water-resistant and can be splashed with water but not submerged underwater. The mobile device needs to be towel dried after contact with water. The mobile device is IP67 Certified.


Are the wearable buttons water-resistant?

The wearable buttons are waterproof and can be submerged in water. The buttons need to be towel dried after contact with water. The buttons are IP67 Certified.


How can I carry the mobile device around with me?

The mobile device comes with a detachable lanyard and belt clip. If you choose to wear the neck button or the wrist button, you will need to be within 500 ft of the mobile device for it to detect and transmit a button press.


Can metal roofing/siding, trees, airports and other environmental factors have any effect on the device being able to connect?

Yes, metal roofs/siding, concrete buildings (such as a basement) and environmental factors like wooded areas can have an impact on signal strength for a device which affects the device’s ability to connect.