Mobile 2.0 – Initial Setup and Installation

Follow these steps to install the Mobile 2.0:

  1. Assemble the charging cradle. Insert the large end of the USB plug into the charging wall plug. Plug the small end of the USB cord into the charging cradle.
  2. Plug the power adaptor into a direct wall socket that is not connected to a light switch. Avoid any power strips or power cords. A Green LED will illuminate to indicate the cradle is receiving power.
  3. Place the device into the charging cradle. The device will verbally state “Device Ready.” The device will turn on within a few seconds and the top and bottom LED indicators will both briefly illuminate. It normally takes 30-60 seconds for the mobile device to register with the cellular network.
  4. The top LED light indicator will illuminate​​​​​​​ solid green when the device is charging and will blink green when it’s fully charged.

Mobile Help Installation