Mobile 2.0 – Parts Identification and Light Indicators

 Parts Identification


  1. Microphone
  2. Top LED – Battery Indicator (Green/Red)
  3. Bottom LED – Signal Indicator (Amber)
  4. Help Button
  5. Speaker
  6. Side Info Button

Top LED light – Battery Indicator

Green LED

  • Solid Green – The device is in the cradle and charging.
  • Blinking Green – The battery is full/good. The light will flash green in and out of the cradle as long as the battery is sufficiently charged.


  • Blinking Red – The battery is at or under 20% and should be charged.

Bottom LED light – Signal Indicator

Amber LED

  • Blinking Amber – The device is working to find cellular connectivity.

Charging Cradle

Green LED

  • Solid Green – LED light indicator will be illuminated on the front of the cradle indicating the device is receiving power.