MG Move – Apps

The MG Move includes several different apps.

Accessing the apps:

  1. Press either button (black or red button) to get to the clock screen.
  2. Tap on the clock screen to access the apps.
  3. Swipe right to access additional apps not visible on the main screen
Main Screen Screen 2


Clock Screen – The clock screen displays the current time, date, and signal strength.  The small, colored circle under the date indicates signal strength:

  • Green: Excellent
  • Yellow: Good
  • Red: Poor
  • No Color: No Service

 Clock Screen


  • Tap on the weather icon to access the location and display current weather conditions, temperature and the high and low temperature.
  • The weather app updates when it is tapped.

Weather Screen

Step Counter – The step counter tracks the number of steps taken daily and weekly:

  1. Tap the Steps icon to access the App.
  2. The default screen will display how many steps the user has taken “today”.
  3. The “today” view will reset every night at midnight.
  4. To view your weekly results, select “week” and scroll up to view your steps for that week.
  5. Press the (red) back button to get back to the main screen.
Step Counter 1 Step Counter 2 Step Counter 3


Step Counter Settings:

Adjust your daily steps goal by tapping on the settings icon.To set your goal, click on the settings button within the Steps App and tap the + or -.

  • The goal will increase or decrease in increments of 100.
  • Or you can adjust the goal by tapping directly on the daily goal number. This will load a different screen where you can enter a specific number.
  • Once the goal is entered, you will need to tap on “Ok.” This will take you back to the main Steps screen.
  • The reset option can be used to reset your daily steps to 0.
  • Press the back button (side red button) to get back to the main screen.