MG Move – FAQs

How do I power on/power off and reboot my device?

To power on the MG Move

  1. The device requires a 5-second press on the black sleep/wake button or cradling to power back on.
  2. The device will display the logo. This means the device has begun the power-up sequence.
  3. Once the device switches to the watch face, the device is fully powered back on, and start up is complete.

To power off the MG Move:

  1. Tap on the power app and a 5-second countdown will begin during which the user can cancel.

To reboot the MG Move:

  1. Hold the Sleep/Wake Button (off-black right-side button) for 20 seconds to power down the watch briefly and reboot the operating system.


Can The volume be raised or lowered?

No, the volume is preset by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted.

Can I move this device to a new location?

Yes, this device can be moved to a new location anywhere in the United States where there is a 4G cell network available.  The new address will need to be provided (temporary or permanent) by calling the Customer Care department or by logging into the CareHub 365 Customer Portal. The device should be tested at the new address to ensure it is working properly.

Should extension cords and surge protectors be avoided?

Yes, extension cords and surge protectors can limit the amount of power the device receives resulting in the device not working properly.  The charging cradle needs to be plugged directly into a wall outlet that does not operate on a light switch.

Is the mobile device water-resistant?

The portable device is water-resistant and can be splashed with water but not submerged underwater. The mobile device needs to be towel dried after contact with water.  The device is IP67 Certified.

Can metal roofing/siding, trees, airports and other environmental factors have any effect on the device being able to connect?

Yes, metal roofs/siding, concrete buildings (such as a basement) and environmental factors like wooded areas can have an impact on signal strength for a device which affects the device’s ability to connect.