MG Move – Testing

Use the test app for your monthly test.

The Test App should be pressed at least once a month to ensure that your device is operating correctly in the event of an emergency. You can test your device with an automated recording rather than sending an actual alarm to an agent. Your device will indicate that the test call was successful.

  1. Press the black side button to wake up the watch. Tap on the watch face to get to the app screen.
  2. Press the “TEST” app on the main screen.
  3. Test mode will activate and display “Test in progress“.
  4. Once connected, the watch will announce, “Standby, connecting you to a care specialist”.
  5. Once the watch connects, an audio announcement will state, “Welcome to the monitoring center, to test your device please state your name”.
  6. State your name.
  7. The watch will repeat back a recording of your voice stating your name and conclude the test.
  8. A confirmation screen will appear indicating the test was successful, followed by an audio prompt indicating “Call ended”.
  9. Tap the green checkmark to go back to the main screen.
  10. Important! Be sure to wait at least 60 seconds between tests.

Mobile Smartwatch - Testing