Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System

Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System
Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System

Classic Guardian In-Home Landline System

Affordable, Landline-Based Medical Alert System
The Classic Guardian provides big safety and big savings. Age in place for less than $1 a day! It protects you anywhere in your home and even covers you up to 1,300 ft (about 3 football fields) from the base unit.

Choose our Premiere Bundle and Save 50% on Fall Detection and a Protection Plan...our best value!

Best Value!

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Enjoy an extra layer of protection in the home knowing that you will always be able to receive help. ($9.99/mo.)

This wall button can trigger emergency calls to our Monitoring Center from up to 500 feet from your base unit with the press of a button. ($2.99/mo.)

Wireless Wall Button

Easy to install and water-resistant, recommended for high risk areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Multiple wall buttons can be installed. ($4.99/mo.)

Voice Activated Wall Button

Share or have a spare! ($5.00/mo.)

2nd Pendant Combo Kit

Provide emergency services with secure access to your property. ($2.99/mo.)

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Pairs well with

Height: 6 Inches
Width: 6 Inches
Depth: 2.8 Inches
Weight: 1.23 lbs
Power: Wall outlet, Lithium Ion Back up Battery

Home-based landline unit
• Uses working, active landline telephone line
• Backup battery power supply in base unit
• Up to 1300 ft range between pendant and base unit
• Standard & fall detection pendants available
• Pendants are water-resistant
• **Modem based landlines, check with carrier

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Connects to your landline telephone

Huge safety and savings for under $1 daily.

1,300 ft (about 3 football fields) of protection

Can also sync with included necklace or wristband

Up to 32 hours of backup battery power

Includes access to the CareHub 365 Portal & App

A powerful tool that enables caregiver connection

From our customers


Thank you. As a client I feel safer and your staff is very helpful and kind.

Cory S

I feel safe knowing that someone is there for me.

Brona G

My mother fell while gardening and was able to get help right away.We are so grateful for the service!

Alan A

I’ve been consistently impressed by the staff I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with at Assured Independence.You all make a great team!

Mary M, Caregiver

Getting help has never been easier!

Press the Help Button to speak to our 24/7 Emergency Monitors. Optional Fall Detection can also automatically call for you.

Request AnyType of Help

We can dispatch the police, fire department, EMTs, mental health services, or even a member of your Care Circle on your behalf.

Fast, Reliable, Peace of Mind

You are not alone. 4G means our strongest-ever signal keeps you connected until the right kind of help arrives.

Connects to Your Landline

Classic Guardian is especially practical for rural and isolated areas with potentially unreliable broadband connection and/or cell service.

Feel Safe In and Around Your Home

Our simplest in-home device allows you to stay active in and around your home with 1,300 ft (4 football fields worth,) of button-to-base station coverage.

Save Big

Enjoy no initial equipment charge by leasing a Classic Guardian Medical Alert System through our new Renew Program. It's our most affordable unit to date.

Be Protected in an Outage

Rest assured with a 32-hour backup battery that will protect you in unexpected power outages due to storms and shut-offs.

Aditional Features

Connect Your Care Circle

Build up a team of Caregivers in the new CareHub 365 portal & mobile app that are instantly reachable in times of need. They can chat with each other and manage tasks & activities.

Experience Care on Call

Our attentive, 24/7 Monitoring Center has your back in times of need. We keep essential information instantly accessible while safeguarding your privacy.

Hear and Be Heard

Reliably communicate with our 24/7 operators thanks to Classic Guardian's high definition speaker and noise cancelling functionality.

Reclaim Your Shower Time

Shower in relaxation, knowing you have water-resistant protection. Your Classic Guardian wristband and necklace can be worn in the shower.

Share with A Partner

Add multiple wearable buttons to your subscription, sync with CareHub 365, and keep your entire household connected.

Design Your System

Boost your protection by adding wall buttons, fall detection, and additional wearable buttons to your subscription.

Classic Guardian

What's in the Box

Your package will come with a handy User Manual in addition to the following:

Image 1

Classic Guardian

Our Classic Guardian base unit can be synced with included wearables in addition to supporting wall buttons it syncs with your landline telephone.

Image 2


Sync this lightweight silicone wristband to your base station for 1,300 ft of coverage.

Image 3

Neck Pendant

Sync this lightweight pendant to your base station for 1,300 ft of coverage.

Image 3

Wall Charger

Keep your base unit and backup battery charged with this charging cable. If your power fails, the backup battery will activate and last up to 32 hours.


The New CareHub 365

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The Classic Guardian provides the largest range of any in-home medical alert system, ensuring your safety both in and around your home. So whether you experience an accident while relaxing at home, getting the mail, or showering, you will always be able to receive immediate help.

You can only speak to an operator through the base station. The wearable button simply allows you to call for help up to 1,300 feet in every direction of the base station. If you are unable to speak with our emergency operators, they immediately dispatch local emergency personnel to your home.

The base station is compatible with multiple medical alert buttons so you and your spouse, or another family member, can each be protected in your home.

With the Classic Guardian, you have the option of purchasing a water-resistant fall alert pendant. When the pendant detects a fall, it sends a wireless signal to the base station, which then connects you to our monitoring center using your landline telephone. For just $10/month, you can enjoy the added peace of mind knowing that you will always get help in an emergency.

*Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If Customer is able, Customer should press the help button in the event of an emergency. The 911 emergency services line is an alternative to the System and the Services. Fall Detection must be worn around the neck to allow for adequate detection of falls.

If you're moving, going on vacation, or visiting family and friends anywhere within the United States, you can take the Classic Guardian with you. Simply notify our Customer Care Team so we can update your account and ensure that help is sent to your new location.

While the base station is not water-resistant, the wearable medical alert buttons are highly water-resistant so you can call for help from anywhere in your home, including the shower.

The Classic Guardian has a 32-hour backup battery so you will always be able to receive help in an emergency, even during a power outage.