MGMini lite

MGMini lite
MGMini lite
MGMini lite
MGMini lite
MGMini lite

MGMini lite

Our most discreet Safety and Security Solution

Simplicity meets safety seamlessly in the MGMini Lite. It becomes your sleek armor, empowering you to live life fearlessly. Wearing it prepares you for anything! Designed to blend right into your lifestyle with no extra distractions, the MGMini Lite is equipped to protect you anywhere, anytime, with one button press.

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Enjoy an extra layer of protection in the home knowing that you will always be able to receive help. ($9.99/mo.)

Provide emergency services with secure access to your property. ($2.99/mo.)

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Weight: 0.7 oz (without strap)
Watch Face: 1.5 x 1.4 x .5 in
Battery Life: Up to 3 Days
Adjustable Band Size: 9 X 1 in
Adjustable XL Size Available: 10.37 x 1 in
Water-Resistant: Yes

The MGMini Lite comes with an Online Portal & App

Use the online portal & app to collaborate and stay on top of important tasks:


Detect Falls, Automatically

From our customers


My mother fell while gardening and was able to get help right away.We are so grateful for the service!

Alan A

I’ve been consistently impressed by the staff I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with at Assured Independence.You all make a great team!

Mary M, Caregiver

Thank you. As a client I feel safer and your staff is very helpful and kind.

Cory S

I feel safe knowing that someone is there for me.

Brona G

Getting help has never been easier!

Press the Help Button to speak to our 24/7 Emergency Monitors. Optional Fall Detection can also automatically call for you.

Request AnyType of Help

We can dispatch the police, fire department, EMTs, mental health services, or even a member of your Care Circle on your behalf.

Fast, Reliable, Peace of Mind

You are not alone. 4G means our strongest-ever signal keeps you connected until the right kind of help arrives.

Battery Life

Charge your device daily with only a 3-hour recharge period.

Engagement Reporting

Step & activity tracking through our customer portal & app.

Widest GPS Coverage

Continuous, on-demand nationwide GPS location, and unlimited 4G LTE coverage.

More families choose the MGMini lite for their loved ones because you can:

Remain active, safely

Feel safe in and out of your home with 24/7 protection, allowing you to never feel alone.

Stay protected everywhere

Shower in relaxation, knowing you have wearable, water-resistant protection to keep you safe.

Press one button for help

Request EMT, the Police, Fire Department, or Family Members for help whenever you need it.


The New CareHub 365

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The MGMiniLite is all you need. No smartphones are required. The MGMiniLite comes with 4G LTE that connects you directly to emergency operators with the press of a button, no matter where you are. You can speak directly to them right through your MGMiniLite.

Should you ever need help, simply press and hold the Help Button until the light around it turns solid blue. You will hear a voice message and then tones/ringing. Once you are connected to one of our highly certified US-based emergency operators, you can request emergency services or to be connected to a member of your Care Circle for non-medical emergencies.

Can I wear the MGMini  in the shower?

I lead an independent lifestyle, why would I need a device?

How do I fit the device into my lifestyle?

It's too expensive.

The MGMiniLite is IP67 certified so you can stay protected in the shower. We recommend towel-drying it after it gets wet. It should not be submerged in water.

While you may not be concerned about your safety now, accidents and other unexpected health concerns become increasingly likely as we get older. For example, each year 1 in 4 people aged 65+ suffers a fall. After you've fallen once, your chance of falling again unfortunately doubles. The good news is that 90% of older adults who get help within one hour will be able to return home and resume their lives. Being proactive ensures that if an accident does happen, the help you need is on the way.

Plus our alerts are helpful for non-emergencies, too. You can push your button if you're not feeling well, get stuck and need assistance, throw out your back, have an unexpected bout of vertigo, experience an allergic reaction, or if something makes you uneasy and you need someone to talk to.

Medical Guardian devices are designed with all lifestyles in mind. Whether you're relaxing at home, working out at the gym, or visiting your doctor, we have an option to suit your needs.

Cost is an understandable concern. However, the cost of not investing in a medical alert device can be more devastating than investing in one. Experts refer to the first hour after a fall occurs as the "golden hour." Receiving medical attention during this critical time has been shown to dramatically decrease medical costs and increase survival rates. After the first hour, treatment becomes riskier and is more likely to result in the need for rehabilitation and costly long-term care. For about $1 a day, you and your loved ones can feel the peace of mind that comes with 24-hour emergency response at the push of a button.