Testing your device

To test your device, press the side button twice, 1 second for each press. The device will say: “Entering test mode. Press the help button to connect to the test center.” After you hear this, press and hold the help button on the front of the device for two seconds. The device will ask you to say your name. (This tests the two-way microphone.) When the test is complete, your device will say, “Test mode completed.”

Make or cancel an emergency call

  • Press the help button for 2 seconds. The device will say “Initiating help.” You will hear a series of beeps when the device is activated.
  • During the beeps you can cancel the call if needed by pressing and holding the help button for 5 seconds
  • While reaching our Monitoring Center, your device will say, “Call in progress” every 10 seconds. When connecting, the device will say “Call connected. Please stand by for an operator” every 10 seconds until the call is fully connected.
  • Once connected, simply speak to the emergency operator. When the call ends, your device will say, “Call completed.”

*If there is a connection issue, the device will say, “Bad Network, Please call 911”.