The Info Button

The info button will perform different actions depending on how many times you press it. One press equals a one-second hold. You can press it up to four times. Here are the functions the info button performs:

1 PressStates your signal strength and battery status

  • If the cellular strength is good, the device will say “Cellular signal good.”
  • If the battery is charged, the device will say “Battery level good.”
  • If the battery is low, the device will say “Battery level low, charge your device.”
  • If the battery is very low, the device will say “Battery level very low, charge your device immediately.”

2 Presses — Test your device

  • Press the info button twice and the device will say “Entering test mode. Press the help button to connect to the test center.”
  • Press the help button on the front of the device for two seconds. You will be asked to state your name. This tests the two-way microphone.
  • When the test call has been completed, the device says, “Call completed, test mode completed.”

3 Presses — Pairs your device with a pendant or other add-on

  • If you purchase an additional pendant and want to pair it with your Mini, press the device’s info button 3 times. Your Mini will say, “Entering pairing mode. Press the button on the peripheral to connect to the device.”
  • Then press the pendant’s button for 3 seconds. When the pairing has been completed, the device will say “Pairing completed.”

4 Presses — Turns your device off

  • Press the info button 4 times or press and hold for 4 seconds and you will hear a beep and the device says “Powering off.”
  • Power the device back on by pressing and holding the info button for 4 seconds or place it into the charging cradle.